Who Cares? is an initiative that started life as a one-question survey run by a small rural church in Norfolk in 2011. Such was the response that, in 2014, over 40 churches across Norfolk repeated the survey, soliciting over 20,000 responses!

On Sunday 4th June 2017, Who Cares? was launched across Hampshire, with over 50 churches committed to repeating that same one-question survey, asking simply, 'What hurts the most?', or, put another way, 'What's the one thing in life you find hardest to handle?'

Proverbs 18:13 tells us that's its foolish to answer before listening. Who Cares? is a very simple way for the church to listen to the needs of our community so that we can, in turn, respond with the love and compassion of Jesus in a way that is relevant.


We are encouraging everyone that is a part of the Fleet Baptist church family to get involved in asking those you know to complete the one-question survey. The 'Listening Phase' runs until the end of July.


You could ask:

  • Your family members
  • Your friends
  • Your neighbours - either the immediate neighbours you know or why not be bold and canvas your whole street?
  • Your colleagues
  • Those you commute with
  • Those you meet at the school gate
  • Those involved in groups, classes, or clubs that you attend

Wherever you meet people, there are people you could ask!

And, if it sounds like it's outside your comfort zone, be encouraged: feedback from those who have done it before is that it's easy to do, people typically respond very favourably, and it could even open up opportunities to share your faith where those opportunities wouldn't have arisen before!

If you would like to approach a whole group of people, we have additional, branded resources you can use: e.g. Posters, a Roller Banner, and T-shirts. Contact the Church Office to arrange use of them.



The survey is very simple and is based around a postcard for people to fill in, and a second postcard with all the information both you and they need. Packs of cards, together with an envelope to collect the completed cards in, are available every Sunday, or from the church office during the week.

To a friend, you could say:

"My church is involved in a massive one-question survey that's taking place across Hampshire at the moment. Would you be willing to take part?

The idea is that it's anonymous, so you just write your answer here [on the survey card] and pop it in here [the envelope] and I'll pass it on. Thanks!"

Or, to someone you don't know quite so well, you could say:

"There's a massive one-question survey taking place across Hampshire at the moment. Would you be willing to take part?

Here's a bit of information about the survey [give them the info card]. It's anonymous so you don't have to tell me anything. All you need to do is write your answer on this card [the survey card] and pop it in here [the envelope]. Thank you!"



There are six principles to keep in mind that make this survey work:

  1. No pressure - make it easy for people to say they don't want to take part.
  2. Anonymity - the card and envelope make it easy for people to answer anonymously.
  3. No follow up questions - it's a one-question-only survey; don't ask any follow up questions please.
  4. Don't argue - if people want to rant about Christians or the church, let them; listen and learn.
  5. Give information - the info cards tell people what's going to happen with their results.
  6. Be ready - some people may have questions about the survey (everything you need to know is on the information card), or they may want to talk about their hurts, or ask about your faith; be ready to answer.



Completed cards should be collected in an envelope to help provide anonymity.

If you ask a collective group to fill in a number of cards, please mark the envelope to that effect (e.g. 'Thursday Fellowship', 'Running club', etc).

Envelopes with completed cards can be deposited in the black Who Cares? box, which will be in the foyer every Sunday during June and July and in the church office during the week.



If you would like to get involved in any of the following, please contact our Associate Pastor, Nic Arkley.

12pm-3pm Saturday 10th June - Join a team helping serve refreshments while asking people to complete the Who Cares? cards at Oakley Park Summer Fete. (Some help with set-up between 9am and 10.30am would also be greatly appreciated).

Saturday 17th June - Form a team hitting the streets of Fleet at the same time as our Treasure Hunting and Healing on the Streets teams. [Early afternoon, meeting at our Clarence Road building, time to be confirmed]

7.30pm Thursday 22nd June - Join the CafeChurch team at our Clarence Road building for a meeting ahead of the main event the following week (see below), when we'll be encouraging guests to complete the cards, and will need additional table hosts.

6.30pm-8pm Thursday 29th June - Bring a friend, neighbour, or colleague to CafeChurch at Costa, in the Hart Shopping Centre, when we'll be talking about finding hope when it hurts, and encouraging guests to comlete the cards

Saturday 15th July - Form a team hitting the streets of Fleet at the same time as our Treasure Hunting and Healing on the Streets teams. [Early afternoon, meeting at our Clarence Road building, time to be confirmed]



  • Could you get your housegroup involved?
  • Is there some way you could encourage a group of people from your pastorate to get involved?
  • Do you live on the same street, or in the same neighbourhood, as others from Fleet Baptist? Could you do something together to encourage your neighbours/neighbourhood to fill in the cards?

Whatever ideas you have, we encourage you to run with them! We want to get as much feedback as possible, to let people around Fleet know that we are listening because we care, and ultimately to help us share the love and compassion of Jesus with those around us.


Thank you!