Partners in Harvest

Partners In Harvest is a family of churches and ministries being born out of a profound move of the Holy Spirit and outpouring of God’s presence which began in Toronto January of 1994.

Presently consisting of over 10,000 affiliated churches, Partners in Harvest functions as a family and yet as a partnership: As a family in terms of relationship and as a partnership in terms of the resources, giftings and blessings that are linked together with each member.

Partners in Harvest not only encompasses a growing network of churches, but also a college with International Schools of Ministry, missions programs and events/Conferences  running all over the world.

Partners in Harvest believe in a "new wine skin" philosophy for both growing and networking renewal churches whose desire is for outreach, evangelism and harvest.

We at Fleet Baptist Church have affiliated with Partners in Harvest as we too have a desire to “Catch the Fire” of Gods Spirit and His calling for our church. Part of the vision we believe God has given us at Fleet Baptist Church is to be a resourcing church – to do this, we first need to be resourced.

- Frank

To find out more you can visit their website here.