Men's Ministry Day


On a recent wintery day it was time for a double dose of social events in the FBC Men’s Ministry programme.  For a group of eleven men keen to test their reactions and accuracy there was a morning session booked at the National Clay Pigeon Shooting Centre at Bisley.

The weather was damp but more importantly the wind was light. Armed with ear defenders and eye protectors the group was split into groups of five and six. They each went with an instructor to separate ranges where they were taught and then scored while shooting at flying clay disc targets (bearing no resemblance to pigeons!).

After having 24 shots each, the groups swapped ranges to have a go with a different setup of the clay traps. On the higher range the trajectories for the two target clays crossed over and so it was possible, with spot on timing, to hit both clays with a single shot (Jeremy managed this first within our group).

From the overall scoring it was Lewis who was top gun (although Anthon and Maurice in the other group were within a single point).

At the end the groups got together at the lower range and there was a short competition between them with one from each group shooting at a single clay. On a best of three basis it was the person from the team of 5 that won every match up. I cannot explain this but there was high praise for their instructor.

In the evening Mark Mabin had invited FBC men to his garden for an evening of “Beer and Testimony”. A bonfire was lit at the far end of the garden and a good number of men visited through the course of the evening to sit round it to chat and stare into the flames.  There was some barbecue food as well (cooked on a gas bbq rather than the fire). With Hein ably taking up cooking duties we may have witnessed a minor conversion (to gas BBQing and “patties”).

With the rain just about holding off the fire was the focal point. Dwayne kept it supplied with wood. Once again (following on from the Summer social) it was wonderful to enjoy Mark’s hospitality and for the men that came to catch up with friends and make new connections within the fellowship.

- Ian Wheway