Albella: Update 6

We took the day off yesterday and went for a trip to a local tea farm and then up the mountain to the local viewpoint. It was a great place for photos and and to see the views. 

On the final morning the clouds cleared completely - they had been obstructing the true view from the school for the entire time and we were able to truly see the INCREDIBLE views! We could see snow capped mountains in the far distance that reached out into China and Nepal! We looked at how we were 'fearfully and wonderfully made' with the boys before some very emotional goodbyes. 

We've all had a fantastic time and are so excited to see what God does next in Albella. Keep them in your prayers and close to your hearts. 

We are now in Kolkata airport and can't wait to see everyone on Sunday!

- Jacob & team

Albella: Update 2

We'd been hoping to publish updates daily but due to sporadic internet access this plan was thwarted - like the mozzies in our rooms!  

Day one in the big Albella house.  Our day was started with the children singing a Nepali song to us as they waited for class to start, followed by lots of games.

After a night in accommodation (that was far beyond our hopes) we started our day in prayer that we might really connect with the children and help them encounter Jesus.  

A favourite activity was the strawberry lace challenge.  In this game you hang a strawberry lace from your mouth and race to eat it all without using your hands - it's surprisingly tough.  We got Heshron, Alan and Paul to have a go, with Paul coming out on top (even though Heshron had all the student cheering his name at the top of their lungs).  The boys all had a go and much fun was had.

Later in the evening we played volleyball and card games with the older boys before joining in with their Bible study.  They sang some Nepali songs before treating us to some in English which they'd learnt.  Lots of the boys were taking little glances round to excitedly see if we were joining in.  

Day two was all about seeing, and specifically, learning about the Light of the World.  We played lots of light themed games and made lanterns that the children took back with them to their dorms.

Finally in the evening Chris had a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with the older boys and we had a fantastic time of worship.  

We would love prayer for continued good health, energy and the strengthening of relationship with the teachers and boys.  

- Jacob & team

Albella: Update 1


After four airports, three planes, two buses and one night in Mumbai airport we have finally made it to Albella! Our flights all left earlier than scheduled which was great for us and we have watched many, many films. Once we landed in Bagdogra on our final flight we had a crazy journey darting in and out of the typical Indian traffic on our way to the foothills. Once we reached them the exciting part began with us weaving along a narrow mountain pass for two hours - narrowly avoiding the other drivers tearing it past us down the mountain! 

We were made very welcome as we arrived and have just sat down for a desperately needed cup of tea with Heshron (the Principal of Albella) and his wife. 

- Jacob & team