Transformed Lives, Transform Lives

Recently a number of women from FBC came together for a praise, prayer and testimony morning. We began with a time of praise and worship, led by Amy and Julia, before hearing the testimonies of three brave volunteers.

Alex went first and told us about her early life and background in Fleet, her work as a beautician, getting married and having a family. Some years ago she experienced a time of illness and subsequent follow up treatment. On her recovery she decided to do an Alpha course at FBC where she attended as a teenager. This period proved to be a turning point in her life and the catalyst for her passion for local mission; she quickly became involved in the Town Centre Project, now called Fleet Angels. It was at this time that she received the vision for an outreach in Fleet to make Jesus known, and in particular to young people who had no connection to church or Christianity. This vision came to pass very recently in the well received Crossfya mission week at Court Moor School.

Yvonne is from Malawi and the theme of her testimony was Jehovah Jireh, the Lord will provide. Her disappointment at missing out on a scholarship to Cambridge was overcome by her realisation that it was the Lord who was her provider and she subsequently gained a place at Birmingham University. She went on to experience the Lord’s provision during a time of funding difficulty and she testified to the Lord’s faithfulness to the tithe. Later, after much prayer, she decided to accept the offer of a job (which she had not applied for) from a company in London and she and Conrad moved to Fleet from Wales – only to learn that her previous company in Wales had closed down. Yvonne finished her testimony by sharing how she is continuing to place her trust in Jehovah Jireh, the Lord her provider.

Julia spoke warmly about her growing up in a close Christian family and how, at the age of 9, she realised that actually she needed a personally to ask Jesus into her life. She then told of the time when her son Jacob developed severe epilepsy as a toddler. One day a lady in church decided that ‘enough was enough’ and she and the family embarked on a period of persistent prayer for Jacob. The fits diminished and Jacob’s health steadily improved until he was completely healed and free of epilepsy. Julia went on to speak movingly of a later time of great difficulty and challenge to the family and she ended her testimony by reading Psalm 23 – a scripture that has been of great encouragement and significance to her. Everyone present was touched and impacted by each one of the testimonies and we closed with a time of worship and prayer.