Why I Love ToddleAlong

I am proud and humble to have been called by God to be responsible for bringing small children and their carers into the presence of God at ToddleAlong.

A lot of the adults have noticed something special about our group – some have even said it is the best group in Fleet.

I call it ‘Mothers Sanctuary!' It is a venue where both adults and children feel safe. The children love the variety of toys and books, and the adults enjoy a chance to have conversations with people who are in the same situation as themselves. Some good friendships have been forged which will carry on as they meet up outside schools while they wait for the children to come out.

What I love to see is a shy and nervous small child blossom into a confident little person ready to go on to preschool and then 'big school'. At the same time the adults enjoy the camaraderie whilst singing songs followed by tea or coffee and chocolate digestives which taste so much better at ToddleAlong.

- Angela Parker

Find out more about Toddlealong at fleetbaptist.org.uk/toddlealong