Crossfya Mission

Last week FBC brought a band called CrossFya from Manchester for a Mission Week at Court Moor school. CrossFya are part of a charity called Make Jesus Known and they use a combination of rap music, testimony and sharing the Gospel in a relevant and exciting way, especially for young people who have never been to church. 

The band started each day with Assembly for different year groups - some of the teachers were as excited as the students and showed off some of their own moves! CrossFya, which consists of Tim, Josh, Rafael and Nana spent the rest of the days with Amy, our youth pastor, taking RE lessons unashamedly sharing the gospel in line with the current topics being covered in the curriculum. 

We have received fantastic feedback from the students - one parent said her two children were so enthusiastic about their lessons, she wished she could have spoken to CrossFya herself!

The teachers said that the students were engaged, excited, happy, awe struck, reflective, curious and more open! The head teacher said he noticed a difference in the atmosphere and that the students were energised. Relationships were formed quickly and Rafael was thrilled at how deep they went with their questions and discussions - they all said that Court Moor was the best school in the country they have been to in terms of friendliness. 

CrossFya gave their testimonies at YPF on Tuesday and it was lovely to have them with us at Cafe church on Thursday evening, where Tim gave his testimony.

At the end of the week the band put on a celebration gig at the school and 100 children said yes to Jesus! 

Praise God for opening the door for this mission and we thank him for his amazing favour through the whole week. 

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and please keep praying, especially for Amy and the FACCTS team who will continue to disciple the students and nurture the seeds that have been sown by God through CrossFya. 

- Alex Strowger