My South African Journey

My name is Dayne Smith I have been part of FBC for about 8 years. As some of you may or may not know, I am heading out to South Africa in less than 2 weeks. I am continuing my studies at Charis Bible college, the first year of which I completed in Birmingham year before last. So why Charis?

I have been deeply touched by Andrew Wommack's ministry of God's Grace and love and his teachings of practical Christianity. I went through about four years worth of seminars, sermons and audio downloads before ultimately deciding that I wanted to know even more. After I had finished my A-Levels I went on to Start at Charis Bible College Walsall; the best way to describe my time was transforming, I am not the same person that I was when I went and neither are my classmates. God's word has a way of changing us if we just give it the time and attention it needs to grow.

All that said, I am very exited to get back to learning more about God, but more importantly getting to know him better. So why South Africa? Well During my time at Charis I had an encounter with God during one of our morning worship sessions. I felt it impressed on me to start a bible college in South Africa. So I graduated my first year, started work and been saving since. This time has been challenging working two jobs for a year and a half but I am super exited to start the next chapter and see how God is going to work it all out. I can't wait!

- Dayne Smith

Dayne is raising funds for his time in South Africa through Just Giving.  Check it out here: