David's Tent

Relay went to David's Tent over the summer and here's what went down:

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a long weekend in August than by camping out in a muddy field with a few thousand people from all over the world, enduring port-a-loos and worshipping God. Some of FBC’s young adults along with some friends spent the bank holiday weekend at David’s Tent, an annual event that has now seen its fourth and biggest year. It is an amazing and unique gathering where the sole agenda is to worship Jesus for 72 hours straight (that’s right, there was literally worship all through the night!) and to spend time in His presence.

People of all ages and denominations came together for this event held in the beautiful West Sussex countryside, with two main meetings taking place every day joined by speakers that included Heidi Baker and worship leaders Jonathan David and Melissa Helser and others from Bethel church. Inspired by the verse in Amos about rebuilding the tabernacle of David, the weekend was unlike other church weekends in the sense that there was no structure for teaching led by speakers but rather it was all about worshiping God in whichever way we are gifted as individuals – be that through singing or painting or flag dancing!

The opportunity was also there for people to receive prophecy or to spend quiet time in the ‘prayer garden’, while the majority of the worship took place in a big top.

It’s impossible to summarise the incredible things that God did for me personally over this weekend, but I suppose the most important lesson was how powerful it is when we put our focus on God and choose to worship Him despite our circumstances. I was astounded by how much was revealed to me during those times of being quiet and listening for God’s voice – this is by no means taking away from the importance of teaching from scripture but it served as a great reminder that God is the ultimate teacher!

- Liezl Bosch