Rebecca Overton: May Update

Unbelievably, this is my final week at language school (although certainly not the end of my time learning Swahili; that will take a lifetime!).

The last month we have had some very varied lessons with a lot of conversation practice, including rehearsing difficult situations such as going to a police station or booking a hotel room, as well as lots of Bible reading and discussion. We’ve also attempted to learn the Tanzanian national anthem and the Lord’s Prayer.

This is a cloth we use for telling Bible stories (made by IMB - International Mission Board).

We have also had a few cultural sessions, learning to cook Tanzania-style (I learnt to make maandazi, very similar to doughnuts, with cardamom and coconut milk). Another time we chatted with some visiting Maasai, and learnt about their history and culture.

Computer: difficulties and praise!
The past month I have been having some difficulties with my computer, in that it was failing to charge. However, it has now been resolved - Praise God! I had suspicions that the problem was with the power cable; a colleague in Dar es Salaam was able to find a replacement cable, and another colleague brought it to Iringa. It’s such a relief to not have to try to replace the whole thing just yet! Also, the past month I have been very thankful for my phone which enabled me to stay fairly up to date with emails, etc.

Moving on, again:
This coming Saturday 9th May we shall be leaving language school. I shall be travelling with some of our group back to Dar es Salaam via a private coach - this should be safer and easier with all our luggage than one of the larger buses. Please be praying for our safety and for the driver on this journey.

I shall stay in Dar until Friday 15th May. I will then be able to fly to Mwanza together with my team leader. I shall then be met in Mwanza by my supervisor, after which we shall drive the few hours to Musoma. I praise God for the arrangements that have been made, which mean I shouldn’t need to travel alone.

I am very excited about reaching Musoma, meeting my new colleagues there, and learning more about my role there. Please be praying for the making of good friendships there, in particular my relationship with the lady I shall be living with for at least the first few months.

Nevertheless, I have really loved my time here in Iringa at language school, and am very thankful for the teaching I’ve received and also particularly for the friendships that have grown amongst our group.

With much praise to God, our protector and provider, and thankfulness for your love and support,

- Rebekah Overton

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