My Excitement about Alpha

Alpha has been offered at FBC for a number of years and is an important part of FBC’s outreach and discipleship ministry. We have introduced preparatory training for the Alpha team and all members found it useful and inspiring.

What can be said about the Spring Alpha Course this term at FBC?

You turn up on the first week not really knowing what to expect. Who will God bring? Will we put them into the right groups? Will they come back? All these questions buzz around your mind, and no matter how many times you have done the course the first night nerves sink in.
Yet, as we met for the introductory session on Thursday last week we have once again seen the faithfulness of God. A number of people from outside of the Christian faith have also come to search for God and find out more about this faith. What more could we have asked for? Almost everyone that attended indicated that they would be attending the full course and the group sessions will be starting this week.

We are looking forward to getting to know the guests as well as sharing in thought provoking talks, stimulating discussions, building friendships and most importantly seeing people have profound personal encounters with Jesus.

We are filled with expectation and excitement at what God is going to continue to do through Alpha in our midst. We strongly encourage you to invite your friends, colleagues and family on this course which continues tomorrow (Thursday the 30th April) or if not possible, to the course planned for later this year in September.

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- Kevin & Colleen Smith