Ron Sims with the Men

As we gathered at FBC on Saturday night I am sure I wasn't the only one wondering what it would be like.  It was, after all, only the second event the Men's Ministry had held, the inaugural event having been in February.  This was our first event with an outside speaker and so the curiosity was perhaps justified.  We would not be disappointed.

We gathered in the lounge to partake of the diminishing amount of M&Ms (Men's Ministry, geddit??) and some real coffee (yes, REAL COFFEE!!!), thanks to Anthon and Tim.  Following a period of fellowship we moved into the sanctuary for a time of worship, capably led by Janoux, Anthon, John and Ian.  The sound of 30 men singing at the tops of their voices is something to hear and always fills me with joy.  It might not be the most tuneful but would definitely get full marks for enthusiasm and commitment!

Our guest speaker was Ron Sims, a man with a colourful history to say the least.  What struck me most about what he said, apart from the interesting and funny stories he used to illustrate a point, was the fact that he is a man that has allowed himself to be used by God and been hugely blessed and a huge blessing as a result.  He is, in his own words, "a simple man" but I was struck by the point that he made which was, if he could do it anybody could.

As he spoke I felt the requirement to make an appointment with my Maker.  If I'm honest, I have in the past shied away from committing my life 100% to God's plan for my life for fear I may end up as a missionary in Luton!  However, as Ron spoke I realised that whatever plans my King had for my life were for my best.  When the call came to rededicate our lives to the Lord and ask for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit I was one of the first to their feet.

All in all, it was an excellent evening.  If you didn't attend you missed out, quite frankly.  However, Ron has written two books, one of which was on sale on the night.  If you're interested ask one of the men who attended, speak to Chris or a member of the Men's Ministry committee or order your own copy on Amazon.

If you haven't been to a Men's Ministry meeting before, there are a number of upcoming events including a social event, with a South African braai (just a barbecue without the patties but don't tell them I said that!) in June, an event in September and a weekend away in November.  Even if you don't have a divine appointment with your Maker you might just get to know the other men in your church a little bit better.

- Stephan Peters