Albella Mission Trip


Albella Boys Home was started back in the late 1950’s by a missionary couple from England. It is a Christian run home with  local Christian staff that provides a home for 140 resident boys aged between 4 ½ and normally 19 but there are two 23 year old boys doing BA courses. Albella also owns and operates a primary school that provides education for our boys plus over 100 local day scholars from needy families in the area.

Around 20 girls are sponsored as day scholars in Kalimpong schools, these girls are from families whose parent(s) previously suffered from Leprosy and are unable to work. Thankfully leprosy is now a disease of the past in the Darjeeling district.

I am the Administrator for the UK based fund raising charity - Friends of Albella Boys Home Darjeeling (FABHD) and has been involved with the home for over 35 years.

A team us from or connected to FBC, led by me are visiting the home this April to run an after school club for the boys, a football tournament, to assist in the school during lesson time, to run a Sunday service for the boys and to cement the relationship between FBC and ABH. It is also expected that Christopher will make contact with local church leaders in Kalimpong.

This is the first time in the homes existence that a team will have visited! There have been many visits but these have only been by individuals and couples. Heshron, Rahmi and his staff are welcoming our visit.

- Alan Pickett