Nativity Update

Now that the invites for tickets is up and running on the church website (many thanks to Chris Wileman and Cecilia and Ros for their help with this) we thought it only right to let you know what's been going on behind the scenes so far...

The first priority for me (Emma) was to make sure we have a real donkey booked for the shows - DONE.  Then a venue needed to be sourced.  I asked Alison Wyld, Head at All Saints Juniors, if they would be happy to let us hire their hall and community rooms for the weekend in question. She seemed delighted to have the school used for a community project and due to the collection for All Saints Church that will happen at the end of each performance, Mrs Wyld was happy to let us use their facilities for free - DONE (that one was a complete miracle and felt like a huge door being opened!).  Next priority was the script.  At the end of the summer holidays Helen Budd and I got our heads together to cobble our script together - DONE.  Also truly impressed with the lengths Trevor and Helen have gone to to ensure that the newest member of their family gets a part in the show!!

So where are we now? Well on Sunday afternoons our house is a hive of artistic flair with ballet rehearsals and choir rehearsals in full swing. Both groups are doing brilliantly. The angel ballet is so fortunate to have Tanya Gerber as their choreographer, and the choir are being very patient putting up with me wagging my arms about frantically!  Tonight (Tuesday 10/11) marks the beginning of the drama rehearsals - shepherds first, then wise men next week.

Recently the prop department had a big weekend of making many things and had great fun.  Heather Bailey has the tricky job of making sure we all have a costume to wear! Hopefully a sewing bee weekend will be in the works soonish for any who feel able to help out.  Margaret Ashton is in charge of the refreshment team and will no doubt call on willing volunteers to help with teas and coffees in the near future.

Helen Blackwell and Christine Widdowson have kindly offered to organise the 'anything I can do to help' team in which we will put our collective heads together at the end of this month to sort.

To be honest, there are lots of incidental jobs going on now and in the near future, suffice it to say our nativity is ON - FULL STEAM AHEAD.

If by any chance you would like to help on the day and haven't put your name forward, it's not too late! Just email me ( and I will put you in touch with the team you would like to join.

So, Little donkey on the dusty road, get a move on and trot in the direction of Fleet for a day of festive fun with the family of FBC! Not long now!


- Emma Mabin

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