Nic's Induction

I’m not sure what I expected from an Induction service but what I do know is that as a family we felt welcomed, loved and supported. As an encouragement to you all, our guests commented on how much of a family the church felt; a feeling that we share and have done since our first week.

I think the word that best describes the Induction for me is ‘affirming’. The sense of God and His purposes were so evident during the morning; it was quite overwhelming. It was an honour to stand before you all and make vows to serve God, you as a church and the community around us. 

The most embarrassing moment for me was probably the revelation of Nic’s love of all things Spiderman, although it had us all crying with laughter so I’m not sure it was a bad moment!

Being prayed for by the Elders, Chris and Rachel was a definite highlight. Being surrounded by such faithful servants is certainly going to make our execution of the ministry God has for us here much easier.

The Induction service marked a great new beginning for us and a real celebration of what God has done. Being new it’s great to have the opportunity to make new friends and form new connections. Our door is always open for a cup of tea and sometimes even a slice of cake so do make yourselves known to us.

- Sarah Arkley