'IMMERSE' has one focus  - investing in leadership.  Fleet Baptist Church is hosting a number of leadership day conferences throughout 2019 from 9.30am - 3pm at Clarence Road venue. The day includes worship, teaching, impartation and opportunity to network. A sandwich lunch provided. Cost £10 per ticket

IMMERSE is open to anyone in a position of leadership within a church context, for example, church leaders, small group leaders, worship leaders, pastoral leaders etc...

Our next leadership day is TUESDAY 19TH MARCH with TANIA BRIGHT


TANIA BRIGHT is focussed on community renewal through relationships, reform and innovation, lending her professional acumen and many years ministerial experience to a variety of high impact organisations such as Love146, Chapel Street, For Refugees and Spring Harvest. Also Tania is a keynote speaker and seminar contributor at Spring Harvest, New Wine, Premier Radio, Premier Woman to Woman, Elim Regional Days, and many churches and groups across the UK. More info